What the Internet Did to Garfield?

Garfield, the loveable orange cat created by Jim Davis, has been a staple in the world of comics since the late 1970s. However, the rise of the internet has brought about significant changes to Garfield’s character and popularity. In this article, I will explore how the internet has influenced Garfield and his evolution. We will analyze Garfield’s digital presence, online popularity, and the impact of internet memes and fan communities. Join me as we delve into the world of Garfield and what the internet did to him.

Garfield’s Digital Presence

Garfield has been a popular character since his debut in 1978, but the rise of the internet has allowed him to establish a significant digital presence. As the world has become more connected, Garfield has adapted to the online landscape, creating websites, social media accounts, and official merchandise platforms that have expanded his reach and engagement with fans.

One of Garfield’s primary digital platforms is his official website, which features a range of content for fans. Visitors to the site can read classic comic strips, view artwork and animations, and even play games featuring the orange tabby. Additionally, Garfield has a presence on social media, with active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This online presence allows fans to interact with the character and stay up to date on news and developments related to Garfield.

In addition to his website and social media accounts, Garfield also has a significant presence on e-commerce platforms. Fans can purchase a variety of Garfield-themed merchandise, including books, clothing, and accessories, from a range of online retailers. These platforms have made Garfield merchandise accessible to fans around the world, and have contributed to the character’s continued popularity in the digital age.

Garfield’s Online Popularity

Garfield’s popularity skyrocketed with the rise of the internet. The character’s charm and relatable personality quickly caught the attention of internet users, leading to his viral success online.

One of the factors that contributed to Garfield’s online popularity was the emergence of memes. These humorous images, often featuring Garfield in absurd or unexpected situations, quickly spread across social media platforms, solidifying Garfield’s place in internet culture. In addition to memes, fan art and fan-made content have also played a significant role in Garfield’s online success.

Garfield’s online presence has not only garnered attention from fans but also from media outlets. The character has been featured in numerous news articles and has been the subject of academic research examining his impact on popular culture and online humor.

Garfield’s viral success has also led to the creation of online communities dedicated to the character. These communities, often centered around fan-made content and discussions, have further solidified Garfield’s online presence and contributed to his continued relevance in the digital age.

Evolution of Garfield on the Internet

Garfield has seen many changes since his inception in 1978, but his transformation in the digital era has been profound. The internet has allowed Garfield to evolve in myriad ways, from new art styles to interactive content.

One of the most significant changes to Garfield’s adaptation on the internet has been the emergence of webcomics. These digital comic strips allow for greater creativity and experimentation with the character and have opened up a new platform for Garfield to engage with fans.

Additionally, Garfield’s animated adaptations have flourished in the age of the internet. Fans can watch his antics on numerous streaming services and have access to a vast library of Garfield content.

Interactive Garfield

The internet has also brought about a new era of interactive Garfield content. Fans can now engage with the character through mobile apps, games, and virtual reality experiences.

One such example is the popular “Garfield Go” game, which allows players to explore the real world while collecting Garfield-themed items and characters. This type of interactive experience has brought a new level of immersion to Garfield’s world and has helped the character remain relevant in the digital age.

In conclusion, the internet has allowed Garfield to undergo a significant transformation, from traditional comic strips to interactive webcomics and animated adaptations. The character has adapted to the digital age, engaging with fans in new and exciting ways and maintaining relevance in a constantly evolving online landscape.

Garfield Internet Memes

Garfield internet memes have become a staple of online humor and a cultural phenomenon. These memes typically feature modified Garfield comic strips, with new captions or altered artwork. They often explore humor in dark or absurd themes, and their popularity has sustained over the years.

The origin of Garfield internet memes can be traced back to the website Garfield Minus Garfield, which removed Garfield from the comic strips to leave only Jon Arbuckle. This website, created by Dan Walsh in 2008, was an instant hit and inspired other users to create their versions of altered Garfield comics.

Since then, Garfield memes have evolved to incorporate different styles, including surreal edits, deep-fried memes, and crossover memes. Garfield’s expressive features and relatable scenarios have allowed for endless creativity among meme creators and have contributed to the character’s viral success.

Garfield memes have also inspired merchandise, like t-shirts and mugs, and have even influenced the character’s official media. In 2018, Garfield’s Twitter account shared a series of memes in honor of National Meme Day, showcasing how the character has embraced its online popularity.

Overall, Garfield internet memes have played an essential role in defining Garfield’s presence in the digital age. With their widespread appeal and influence, they have contributed to the character’s continued relevance and have cemented Garfield as one of the internet’s most beloved subjects.

Garfield’s Online Fanbase

Garfield’s vibrant online community is a testament to the character’s enduring popularity and appeal.

The internet has provided a platform for Garfield fans worldwide to connect and share their passion for the iconic character. Fan communities have emerged on social media platforms such as Facebook and Reddit, where fans can discuss everything from favorite comic strips to Garfield-themed merchandise.

Garfield’s online presence has also fostered a thriving fan fiction community, where writers and artists can create their own stories and artwork featuring the beloved character. Fan-made content, including comics and animations, have also contributed to Garfield’s growth on the internet.

The Garfield fanbase has also played a crucial role in the character’s evolution online. Fan feedback and engagement have influenced the creation of new Garfield content, including webcomics and digital adaptations, that cater to the fanbase’s interests and preferences.

Garfield’s online fanbase has cemented his status as an internet icon, showcasing the power of online communities and their ability to shape and influence cultural phenomena.

Garfield’s Digital Impact

Garfield has not only been influenced by the internet, but his presence has also made a significant impact on digital culture. As one of the most recognizable characters in popular culture, Garfield has inspired various art styles and trends across the internet.

Many artists have created their own interpretations of Garfield, from realistic to surrealistic, showcasing the character’s versatility. Garfield has also been a subject of online art challenges, such as the “Garfield without Garfield” project, where the character is removed from his own comic strip, resulting in a darker and more introspective tone.

In addition to art, Garfield has influenced the creation of memes and internet jokes. The character’s relatable and humorous personality has made him a perfect subject for internet humor. From the classic “I hate Mondays” to more recent “I’m sorry, Jon” memes, Garfield’s digital presence has expanded beyond his original comic strips.

Garfield has also been a prominent figure in online communities. From dedicated fan websites to social media groups, the character has inspired many fan communities, contributing to his online legacy. These communities have created their own content, ranging from fan fiction to animations, further contributing to Garfield’s digital impact.

Overall, Garfield’s digital impact showcases the power of a beloved character to transcend traditional media and embrace the internet’s creativity and spontaneity. As the internet continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to see how Garfield adapts and continues to shape online culture.

Garfield in the Age of the Internet

The internet has presented unique challenges and opportunities for Garfield, requiring the character to adapt and evolve to maintain relevance in the digital age. With the rise of social media, online communities, and new platforms for content distribution, Garfield has had to find new ways to engage with audiences and stay relevant.

One of the key ways Garfield has navigated the internet era is through embracing new technologies and mediums. From traditional comic strips to interactive webcomics, animated adaptations, and mobile apps, Garfield has experimented with various formats to reach new audiences and stay connected with old ones.

Garfield has also leveraged the power of the internet to build a strong online presence, maintaining official websites, social media accounts, and merchandise platforms. Additionally, Garfield’s global reach has expanded, with translations of his comics published in over 80 languages.

Despite being a character created decades ago, Garfield continues to maintain relevance and engage with fans in the digital age. The character’s unique sense of humor, relatable personality, and whimsical charm have allowed him to transcend time and stay relevant in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Overall, Garfield’s journey in the age of the internet showcases the power and influence of online communities and platforms, highlighting how a beloved character can adapt and thrive in the digital realm.

Garfield’s Viral Success

Garfield has had several viral moments on the internet, gaining immense popularity and attention. One such instance was when fan artist Dan Walsh created a series of Garfield comics called “Garfield Minus Garfield,” which removed Garfield’s presence from the strips, leaving only Jon Arbuckle’s lonely dialogue. The resulting comics became an internet sensation, with even Garfield creator Jim Davis praising the concept.

Another viral moment for Garfield was the “I Hate Mondays” meme, which originated from a 1982 comic strip featuring Garfield expressing his disdain for Mondays. The phrase and image spread across the internet, becoming a cultural phenomenon and even inspiring a song by the Boomtown Rats.

More recently, a Twitter account called @MarmaladeGame used Garfield’s likeness to promote their mobile game, Garfield GO, which allowed players to collect virtual lasagna in the real world. The account’s humorous and relatable posts featuring Garfield went viral, generating buzz and attention for the game.

Garfield’s viral success on the internet has not only boosted his popularity but also allowed for creative and unique reimaginings of the character. His impact on online culture has solidified his place as an icon of the digital era.

Garfield’s Online Merchandise

With the rise of e-commerce, Garfield merchandise has become more accessible than ever before. Fans can purchase everything from t-shirts and mugs to plush toys and phone cases featuring the iconic orange cat.

One of the most popular online marketplaces for Garfield merchandise is the official Garfield website, which offers a wide selection of products including clothing, accessories, and home decor. Additionally, retailers such as Amazon and Walmart also stock a range of Garfield merchandise, making it easy for fans to purchase items with just a few clicks.

Another popular platform for Garfield merchandise is Etsy, where independent sellers offer one-of-a-kind items such as handmade Garfield plushies and vintage Garfield comics.

Garfield’s online merchandise not only allows fans to show their love for the character but also serves as a way for them to connect with each other through shared interests and fandom.

Garfield’s Continued Relevance

Despite being created in the 1970s, Garfield has managed to maintain a significant presence and relevance in the digital age.

One of the key elements of Garfield’s continued relevance is his relatable personality. His sarcastic, lazy, and food-loving character traits are timeless and resonate with audiences of all ages. Additionally, Garfield’s humor and family-friendly content make him a beloved figure in popular culture.

Furthermore, Garfield’s ability to adapt and evolve with changing times has also contributed to his ongoing relevance. From traditional comic strips to online webcomics and social media, Garfield has successfully navigated the digital landscape and continues to engage with audiences through various platforms.

Garfield’s connection with his fans is also a crucial factor in his sustained success. The character’s passionate and dedicated fanbase has created a supportive and inclusive community that fosters creativity and encourages fan-made content.

Lastly, Garfield’s online merchandise and collaborations with other brands and franchises have widened his cultural impact and introduced him to new audiences. With his iconic image and brand recognition, Garfield has become a staple in popular culture and continues to be relevant in the digital age.


In conclusion, I have discovered how the internet has transformed Garfield into a digital icon. Garfield’s online presence has expanded exponentially since the rise of the internet. His popularity has soared with the help of memes, fan art, and online communities. The character’s evolution on the internet has been remarkable, from traditional comic strips to interactive webcomics and animated adaptations. Garfield’s presence on the internet has impacted online culture, art styles, and trends.

Despite being created decades ago, Garfield remains relevant in the digital age. The character has adapted to the internet era, engaging with a new generation of fans and maintaining a passionate online fanbase. The internet has revolutionized the accessibility of Garfield merchandise, providing fans with a range of online marketplaces and platforms to purchase Garfield-themed products.

The power and influence of the internet on Garfield’s journey showcase the strength of online communities and platforms. Garfield’s story on the internet is a testament to the ever-changing digital landscape and its capacity to impact traditional media. The character’s transformation online has been significant, and one can only speculate on what the future holds for Garfield in the age of the internet.


What is this article about?

This article explores the impact of the internet on the beloved comic character Garfield.

How has Garfield established a digital presence?

Garfield has established a significant digital presence through websites, social media accounts, and official merchandise platforms.

How has the internet boosted Garfield’s popularity?

The internet has contributed to Garfield’s viral success through memes, fan art, and online communities.

How has Garfield evolved on the internet?

Garfield has transformed from traditional comic strips to interactive webcomics and animated adaptations.

What is the significance of Garfield internet memes?

Garfield memes have become a cultural phenomenon, impacting popular culture and online humor.

How dedicated is Garfield’s online fanbase?

Garfield has a passionate fanbase that engages in fan communities, fan fiction, and fan-made content.

How has Garfield influenced internet culture?

Garfield’s presence has shaped internet culture, art styles, and trends.

How has Garfield navigated the digital age?

Garfield has adapted to the internet era to maintain relevance and engage with new generations of fans.

What instances of viral success has Garfield experienced?

Garfield has gained widespread attention on social media, news outlets, and other online platforms.

Where can fans find Garfield merchandise online?

Fans can purchase Garfield-themed products on various online marketplaces and platforms.

How has Garfield remained relevant in the digital age?

Despite being created decades ago, Garfield continues to resonate with audiences through various elements.

What is the conclusion of this article?

The internet has had a profound impact on Garfield, transforming the character into an online icon.

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