How to Keep Spotify Playing in the Background on iPhone?

Do you ever want to listen to your favourite songs on Spotify while checking your emails or browsing the web on your iPhone? Enabling background playback allows you to do just that, keeping your music playing while you use other apps or even when your screen is locked. In this step-by-step guide, I will show you how to enable background playback on Spotify, so you can keep your tunes going no matter what else you’re doing on your iPhone.

To continue playing Spotify in the background on your iPhone, you’ll need to follow some simple steps provided by techy Jin to ensure that the app doesn’t pause when you switch to other apps or lock your screen. With these instructions, you’ll be able to keep the music going throughout your day, without interruption.

Whether you’re a music lover who wants to have tunes playing all the time or a multitasker. Who wants to listen to Spotify while working on other tasks, this guide by Techy Jin will help you enable background playback on your iPhone with ease. So, let’s get started!

Enabling Background Playback on iPhone

Are you tired of having to switch back to the Spotify app every time you open a different application on your iPhone? By enabling background playback on your device, you can keep your music playing in the background while you use other apps or when your screen is locked. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your iPhone.
  2. Select the song or playlist you want to listen to and start playing it.
  3. Press the home button on your iPhone to exit the Spotify app. The music will continue to play in the background.
  4. If you want to control the music playback while using other apps. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access the Control Center. From there, you can pause, skip, or adjust the volume of the music.
  5. You can also lock your iPhone by pressing the side button. The music will keep playing, and you can still control the playback using the Control Center.

It’s that simple! Once you’ve enabled background playback on your iPhone, you can enjoy uninterrupted music whenever and wherever you want.

Tips for Maintaining Background Playback on iPhone

While enabling or watching background playback on Spotify is relatively straightforward, there might be times when it stops working or encounters issues. If you notice Spotify background play not working on your iPhone, don’t fret. Here are a few tips you can try to troubleshoot the problem and keep Spotify playing in the background on your iPhone:

1. Check your iPhone’s settings

If you’re having trouble with Spotify not playing in the background on your iPhone, the first thing to do is check your device’s settings. Ensure that the app has the necessary permissions to run in the background. Head to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and toggle it on for Spotify. This should allow Spotify to run continuously in the background without interruptions.

2. Clear your device’s cache

If Spotify background play is still not working, try clearing your iPhone’s cache. To do this, head to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and select Spotify. Then, tap on “Offload App” and wait for it to complete. Once done, reinstall Spotify and try enabling background playback again. This process will clear any temporary files or cache that may be interfering with the app’s ability to play continuously in the background.

3. Restart your iPhone

If the above steps fail, try restarting your iPhone. This will refresh your device’s memory and may resolve any software glitches that could be causing issues with background playback. To restart your iPhone, hold down the power button until “Slide to power off” appears. Slide the power icon to the right, wait for the device to shut down completely, and then press and hold the power button again to turn it back on.

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By following these simple tips, you can fix Spotify background play on your iPhone and keep your favorite songs playing continuously, even when multitasking or when the screen is locked. Remember to check your device’s settings, clear the app’s cache, and restart your iPhone if necessary. Happy listening!


How do I keep Spotify playing in the background on my iPhone?

To keep Spotify playing in the background on your iPhone, open the control centre while a song is playing. Tap the album cover art in the top right corner. This puts Spotify into a mini-player mode so it will continue playing when you exit the app or lock your screen. The controls stay in the control centre for easy access.

How can I enable background playback on Spotify for iPhone?

To enable background playback in Spotify on your iPhone, first, open your control centre by swiping down from the top right while Spotify is playing. Tap the album artwork at the top to open a mini-player. This allows Spotify to play in the background even when your phone is locked. You can access playback controls anytime from the lock screen or reopen Spotify’s mini player in the control centre.

What should I do if Spotify background play is not working on my iPhone?

If Spotify background play is not working on your iPhone, first check that you have the latest version of the Spotify app because newer versions only support background audio. Also, ensure you have enabled Background App Refresh for Spotify in your iPhone settings.

Force quit and relaunch Spotify if needed. Check that you have an active internet connection. If background audio still does not work, contact Spotify support to see if Spotify has any known issues. You may need to uninstall and reinstall the app as a last-resort troubleshooting step.

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