Can You Get Gamepigeon on Android?

Curious about GamePigeon’s availability on Android? GamePigeon has garnered immense popularity among Apple users, captivating audiences since its launch alongside iOS 10. However, despite its acclaim, the gaming app designed for Apple’s iMessage remains exclusive to Mac, iOS, and iPad users.

Many Android users have wondered about accessing this beloved app on their devices, but as of now, GamePigeon remains limited to Apple’s ecosystem.

Before we get into that, it’s important to understand the compatibility of Gamepigeon with Android devices. Unfortunately, Gamepigeon is not available on the Google Play Store, which means that the installation process is slightly more complicated than usual. Moreover, the app developers have not released an Android version of the popular gaming app.

So, let’s dive in and explore the various ways to get Gamepigeon on Android.

Can You Get Gamepigeon on Android?

GamePigeon, the acclaimed gaming app integrated with Apple’s iMessage, has captivated users since its launch alongside iOS 10, delighting Apple enthusiasts. Despite the widespread demand for iMessage’s availability on Android, GamePigeon remains exclusive to Mac, iOS, and iPadOS users.

As for the availability of GamePigeon on Android, unfortunately, the app is designed exclusively for Apple’s ecosystem. As of now, there’s no official version of GamePigeon for Android devices. The developers have kept the app within the confines of Apple’s platform, restricting access to Mac, iPhone, and iPad users only.

This limitation has left Android users without direct access to the entertaining suite of games offered by GamePigeon through iMessage. Despite ongoing requests for an Android version, the service remains confined to Apple’s devices.

Gamepigeon Android Alternatives

If you are an Android user and wondering if Gamepigeon is available for your device, unfortunately, it is not. However, there are several alternative gaming apps that you can try, that offer similar gameplay and features.

Gamepigeon Android Alternatives

1. Alternative Multiplayer Games

For those who are looking for multiplayer games similar to Gamepigeon, one of the best options is Plato. This app offers a variety of classic games such as pool, poker, and battleship, as well as new games like Werewolf and Crazy 8s. The app also allows for voice chat and group messaging, making it easy to connect and play with friends.

Another great option for multiplayer games is Houseparty. This app not only offers classic games like trivia and Pictionary but also allows users to video chat while playing. This creates a more interactive and social gaming experience, which is perfect for those missing the face-to-face interactions of in-person gaming.

2. Alternative Puzzle Games

If you are craving puzzle games like Gamepigeon’s Checkers or Chess, AI Factory Limited offers a variety of classic board games that you can play against the computer or with friends. The app includes games like backgammon, reversi, and go, and offers different difficulty levels for players of all skills.

Another popular option for puzzle games is Zen Puzzle Garden. This app offers a relaxing and meditative experience, where players must carefully arrange stones to create a beautiful garden. While it may not be a direct replacement for Gamepigeon’s games, it does provide a similar mental challenge and sense of accomplishment.

3. Alternative Card Games

For those who enjoy card games, Zynga offers a wide range of popular options like poker, blackjack, and baccarat. The app also allows for multiplayer games, so you can connect with friends and compete against players worldwide.

Another great option for card games is This app allows you to play classic games like Switch, solitaire, hearts, and spades, as well as lesser-known games like euchre and cribbage. The app also includes tutorials for those who may be new to the games.

While Gamepigeon may not be available on Android devices, several great alternatives can provide a similar gaming experience. Whether you prefer multiplayer games, puzzle games, or card games, there is an app out there for you.

How to Get Gamepigeon on Android?

While Gamepigeon may not be directly available for Android devices, there are workarounds to install it. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and search for Gamepigeon.
  2. Tap on the “Get” button to download and install the app on your iOS device.
  3. Once installed, open the app and select the game you want to play.
  4. Tap on the share button and select “Copy” to copy the game link to your clipboard.
  5. Open a web browser on your Android device and paste the link in the address bar.
  6. The link will take you to the Gamepigeon website where you can play the game on your Android device.

Please note that some games may not be compatible with all Android devices. Additionally, Gamepigeon on Android may not have the same features and functionality as the iOS version. However, this workaround allows Android users to enjoy some of the popular multiplayer and card games available on Gamepigeon.

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If you encounter any issues installing or playing Gamepigeon on your Android device, you can check online forums or contact Gamepigeon support for assistance.


In conclusion, Android users seeking to enjoy Gamepigeon can do so by exploring alternative gaming apps. Although Gamepigeon may not be directly available on Android devices, numerous options can provide a similar gaming experience. By following the installation guide provided in Section 3, Android users can access Gamepigeon on their devices.

It is important to note that the availability of Gamepigeon for Android users is subject to certain limitations and restrictions that may vary from device to device. Nonetheless, by exploring alternatives and following the installation guide, Android users can still have access to a wide range of entertaining games.


Can I get Gamepigeon on Android?

No, Gamepigeon is currently only available for iOS devices and there is no official Android version.

Are there any alternatives to Gamepigeon for Android?

Yes, there are several alternative gaming apps available for Android devices that offer similar multiplayer and card game experiences. Some popular options include 8 Ball Pool, Hearthstone, and Uno Friends.

How can I get Gamepigeon on Android?

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to get Gamepigeon on Android as it is specifically designed for iOS devices. However, there are some workarounds and methods available online that claim to enable Gamepigeon on Android, but it is not officially supported.

What is the conclusion regarding Gamepigeon on Android?

In conclusion, Gamepigeon is not available for Android devices. However, there are alternative gaming apps that can provide a similar experience. Android users can explore these alternatives and follow installation guides or methods to enjoy multiplayer and card games on their devices.